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Troubleshooting and modification of Droid4X

Droid4X is the best Android gaming emulator you can use on your Windows PC, offering you the speed and performance needed to play 3D games. It provides the best performance and user interface that will make you feel like you are using Android apps for gaming on Android smartphones and tablets. You can experience the same performance as on an Android device, without any glitches.

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Despite all the advancement of this emulator, users have errors. Some bugs have been fixed in the process of releasing new updates (below we list which updates have been revised and which bugs have been fixed), but collecting others requires some work yourself. We'll talk about this.

Droid4X problems

We have prepared a list of common problems that a user may encounter, as well as described their solutions.

How to reset password in Droid4X?

You can reset your password like this: download Droid4X password reset, run. A window with a code will appear in front of you, wait, add a script, which you can then hide the window. During the procedure, the emulator should be running. After the procedure, restart Droid4X.

Data backup in Droid4X

We remind you that this emulator works with VirtualBox, so for the backup site, go to C:\Program Files\Droid4X\VirtualBox VMs\droid4x and pay attention to the files roid4x-disk1.vmdk and droid4x-disk2.vmdk. Just copy these files to a convenient folder. Ready!

Droid4X installation not used on AMD processors

The problem lies in the limitation of the processor, but it can be very easily bypassed. To do this, track natural needs: go to the OS system registry, then visit the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor. You need to change the name of the ProcessorNameString from AMD to Intel. After that, close the entire window and you can try to feel the emulator again. The problem must be solved. If you have other errors or questions.

Troubleshooting for Windows

install old version

  • Added custom resolution, dpi, memory, cpu core and more.
  • Added custom hot key to hide Droid4X.
  • Support for gravity control.
  • New ROM build (20160106.210023 / Jan 06, 2016 21:00:23.
  • Fixed other bugs
  • Modification 0.8.7
  • Fixed Droid4X loading error.
  • Performance optimization.

Troubleshooting for Mac OS

install old version

  • Fixed graphics card disappearing issue for some AMD graphics cards.
  • Fixed other bugs.
  • New interface.
  • Added desktop search function. You can find applications on your simulator desktop.
  • Improved game performance. The simulator supports almost all mobile games.
  • Fixed some other bugs.


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