YouWave — is a high-performance emulator of Android OS version 4.0 ICS. Developers added a massive number of features to this product, which guarantee high effectiveness with low system requirements.

This tool is a real gift for those who wants first to test games and programs developed for Android OS on a big screen of a computer and only after that install them on a mobile device. It will be also helpful for users whose smartphone or a tablet works not on Android 4.0 ICS and does not support some applications.

YouWave is chosen because of a very precise emulation of a mobile device operating system. You will hardly notice any differences in the interface, neither in a touch keyboard nor in application running.

Features of YouWave:

  1. Multiuser on-line module.
  2. Intuitively-understandable navigation.
  3. Highly functional.
  4. Emulation of SD-cards for installing games.
  5. Full emulator's menu (it contains all components that can be found at a mobile device: navigator, convenient gallery, various settings).
  6. Emulator is distinguished by the support of device rotation imitation.
  7. Convenient and effective usage.
  8. Any application can be downloaded from a market and sent to the emulator in a form of an archive file.
  9. Setup, launching and usage do not cause any problems.
  10. High effectiveness without any impact on computer's performance.
  11. Exact running of applications.
  12. Possibility to download various games and applications for Android OS.

Disadvantages of YouWave:

  1. Works only with the following versions of Windows: XP, Vista, 7.
  2. There is no version for MacOS.
  3. You need Google ID to get access to Google Market.

Download YouWave:

Download YouWave Android Emulator