MEmu App Player — is a new product from Chinese developers. It allows running Android applications on stationary computers. The emulator can boast of a high performance without any impact to computer's speed. MEmu simulates Android version 4.2.2. It has a root as a default feature.

With the help of this emulator one can launch Android games and applications at a big screen. All software is (рутован) as a default. You can set zoom with a help of a mouse wheel. The emulator can compete with other tools with the same features, because of a convenience and easiness at use.

There is a standard number of programs installed for a default. They can be used at once. Google accounts can be added in the settings. All activities at the PC are synchronized with a mobile device. You can navigate the emulator with a help of a keyboard, a joystick or a mouse. Software works very quickly. Besides, there is no need to download useless Android-applications and add-ons to keep the emulator staying free.


MEmu features:

  1. Correct running of apps and games.
  2. Full Android support.
  3. GPS emulation.
  4. Presence of proper desktop.
  5. Possibility of individual setting.
  6. Android systems are created and deleted in a one click.
  7. Possibility of touch screen emulation with a help of button mapping of a keyboard and a mouse.
  8. Possibility of playing car racing games through data transferring from mobile device sensors.
  9. Presence of a folder with sharing access from both operating systems.
  10. APK is installed in a few seconds.
  11. Clear and convenient navigation.
  12. Quick installation of the emulator on a PC.
  13. Free distribution.

Disadvantages of MEmu:

  1. There is no MacOS version.
  2. Before installation you have to update your video adapter driver.


Download MEmu:

Download MEmu App Player (online installer)