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GTA 6: release date, price, platforms

GTA 6 is the most anticipated game on the planet, and yet, we don't know much about it. It's time to take stock of the future big production of Rockstar Games. Price, platforms, release date, gameplay details, find everything you need to know about GTA 6 here. GTA 6 has been talked about for many years already, but in the end, Rockstar Games didn't say much. However, that didn't stop some info from coming out. In this file, we will compile everything we know.

gta 6


No official release date has yet been announced for GTA 6. The game has not even been unveiled, although we know that Rockstar likes to announce its titles more than a year in advance. So don't expect it anytime soon.

In July 2022, the ever-informed reporter Tom Henderson reported that Rockstar was aiming for either a 2024 or 2025 release. That seems likely. On the other hand, since the huge data leak of September 2022, some claim that the studio could release the game earlier than expected, namely 2023. It goes without saying that given the images revealed by this leak, it seems to us implausible. For its part, Microsoft estimates that the title should arrive in 2024. In an official document published as part of the takeover of Activision-Blizzard, the American company writes this date in black and white.

If the release date is still unknown, everyone therefore agrees that the next two years will be decisive. After ten years of waiting, we finally have some visibility!


GTA 6 should logically be exclusively for next-gen consoles, namely the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Given the estimated release date, it wouldn't really be the surprise of the century. However, nothing is yet recorded and we can only assume.

From a technical point of view, it would be amazing to see GTA 6 released in 2024 or 2025 on two generations at once. The next-gen will be well installed by then. As for the PC version, it will certainly have to wait a bit. Rockstar has a habit of releasing its computer games about a year after the console release.

Regarding a possible release of GTA VI on the Xbox Game Pass as soon as the title is launched, the boss of Take-Two has made his positions known on the subject. For him, Microsoft's platform is not aimed at "frontline" games, although he doesn't seem definitive on the matter saying that "remains to be seen".

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From GTA 6, Rockstar only communicated on one point: the game is in development. The studio did not say more, but at least we are now sure that the machine is launched. After a GTA 5 that lasted ten years (the game having been released on PS5 and Xbox Series X), the developers have finally decided to take the next step.

On July 27, 2022, Jason Schreier (Bloomberg), one of the most trusted video game journalists on the planet, published a long article about the corporate culture change at Rockstar Games. He took the opportunity to deliver some information on the game. Rockstar seems to have changed a lot in recent months. A 180 degree turn after the crunch and toxic culture scandals that made headlines in 2018 when Red Dead Redemption 2 was released. hired contractors and would be more considerate of the well-being of its employees.

This new policy would have consequences for GTA 6. First, development would take longer (employees no longer working 100 hours a week, which happened on RDR 2) and the game would be more “inclusive”. This means that Rockstar will no longer be humorous about minorities like before. Moreover, these changes have already been seen on GTA 5 new gen. In short, things are moving internally, according to Schreier.

gta 6 release date price platforms 2

So today we have several signs of confidence regarding the next installment in the saga. Following the historical leak of GTA 6 which confirmed many rumors, we have therefore compiled the list of the most reliable information concerning the upcoming title:

  • The game would take place in Vice City and its surroundings. As a reminder, Vice City is a pastiche of Miami, just as Los Santos from GTA 5 was a parody of Los Angeles.
  • The map would be large and include a lot more interiors than previous games. It would therefore be possible to explore a good number of buildings, where the old titles left us outside most of the time.
  • One of the playable characters would be a woman. Originally from Latin America, she would be part of a couple at Bonnie and Clyde. We can speculate on a gameplay based on several characters as in GTA 5. Note also that the presence of a female protagonist has created a controversy on Twitter and social networks, since many users have expressed their dissatisfaction. Others, on the other hand, took the opportunity to create mods for GTA 5.
  • The code name for the game would be Project America.
  • The map would be scalable. Cities and missions would be added over time after release. This would allow teams to avoid the crunch, but also to keep players involved over several years. Some of them would thus be made available via DLC, after the absence of the latter in GTA 5.


A real thunderbolt hit the video game world in September 2022. Over the course of a weekend, a hacker by the name of TeaPot released no less than 90 gameplay videos showing the game from various angles. This is probably the biggest leak in the history of the industry, both in terms of its magnitude and the reactions it has generated on social networks. So let's try to summarize the facts.

Following the publication of the leak over the weekend, many first think of a fake. It must be said that the erroneous rumors have been numerous for several years. Finally, Jason Schreier, a journalist close to Rockstar who has already revealed several information about the game, confirms that the leak is very real. In fact, this confirms a number of previous leaks.

Starting with the characters, who are indeed two in number: a woman, currently called Lucia, and a man, Jason, her companion. Another important detail: the game does indeed take place in Vice City, as evidenced, for example, by the subway that can be seen in the videos, or even the police cars. On the gameplay side, a very happy program awaits us.

gta 6 release date price platforms 3


Although the numerous leaked videos revealed several notable gameplay details of GTA 6, many focused on the details we know, such as the introduction of a female character in the saga, or the graphics — let's remember for the umpteenth time that the images come from a version still in production and that the graphics are still far from being in their final version.

Still, other elements are particularly for anyone familiar with the series. Indeed, the latter has often been criticized for its relatively bland combat system, although the heart of its gameplay is not based on this aspect. However, what the videos show us is a combat system significantly improved by previous episodes.

Let's start with what Rockstar does best in its games: realism. Thus, some videos show the physics of bodies reacting to the bullets they receive in great detail. The same goes for the falls, which benefit from an impressive ragdoll, inherited from what the studio did for Red Dead Redemption 2. Finally, this improved physics is also felt when the player hides behind a blanket, with more animations fluid and immersive.

In short, physics is all well and good, but what about the combat phases? On this side, Rockstar has also reworked the AI of the police and enemies so that their reactions seem more natural. For example, the videos show police officers taking cover behind their car as soon as the player shoots them. This could therefore indicate that enemies will be more difficult to take down, rather than lining up nicely in front of your sights as has (almost) been the case until now.

gta 6 release date price platforms 4

Another core gameplay element, weapons have also made an appearance in the leaks. On this aspect, fans will be delighted to see the series' iconic assault rifle, inspired by the M16. On the other hand, it should be noted that on most of the videos, the weapon used by the character appears blurred, so it is difficult to say with certainty which it is. Either way, GTA's iconic weapon wheel will definitely be present in the next installment.

Players will also find their pistol, as well as the traditional shotgun and a knife. Unfortunately, none of the videos show a possible weapon customization system such as GTA 5 offers. However, this one having been very appreciated by the community, especially on GTA Online, it is very likely that it will make a comeback.

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